Annette Dytrt (GER)

Pair skater with Yannick Bonheur

Annette Dytrt took up ice skating at the age of two. In 1999, she took part in several competitions in the Czech Republic, her country of origin, and became national champion. She returned to Germany in 2000 and was national champion in successive years from 2003 to 2006. After a few months of pairs skating with Norman Jeschke, Annette resumed her solo career in 2006 and won her fifth championship title two years later, making her one of the most successful German skaters of all time. Annette joined Holiday on Ice in 2014 in the show Passion. This German-Czech skater, who lives in France, is looking forward to taking part in Time. She will perform solo and as a pair with her partner since 2013, Yannick Bonheur.

Yannick Bonheur (FRA)

Pair skater with Annette Dytrt

At the age of 32, Yannick Bonheur is one of the iconic figures in French figure skating. Yannick discovered skating at school, and decided to commit himself to a sport on which he has thrived ever since. In 1990, at the age of eight, he entered the Rognoni stage school, where he learned to skate, and where he stayed until the age of 15. The young athlete continued to train as a solo performer before moving to pair skating. He has had several skating partners in the course of his career, including Lucie Stadelman, Marylin Pla, Vanessa James and Adeline Canac. It was with Marylin Pla and Vanessa James that he took part in the Olympic Games in 2006 and 2010. 2011 marked a new chapter in his career; after the competitions, he decided to devote himself to a form of skating that would push him even further, so he took part in numerous shows and galas. From then on, the importance of his work would rest in his closeness to his audience and the spectacular nature of these skating galas. Yannick contacted Annette Dytrt to form a skating pair, after which everything happened very quickly. Show followed show, notably the shows at the Lido in Paris and now Holiday on Ice in Germany and France. Today, Yannick Bonheur looks forward to hooking up with his partner Annette for this 2017 tour and, most of all, with the audience that he appreciates so much.


Lloyd Jones (GB)

Pair skater with Megan Marschall

In the course of his career, Lloyd Jones has successfully taken part in numerous competitions, both as a solo competitor and a pair skater, such as the World Championships, European Championships and the Winter Olympics. He started to devote himself to the sport at the age of five and went to see the most popular skating show in the world – Holiday on Ice – as often as he could in his home country of Great Britain. Finally, he achieved his dream of skating for Holiday on Ice in the show Passion. It will be a pleasure renewed to see him again in the new production Time.

Megan Marschall (USA)

Pair skater with Lloyd Jones

Parallel to her career as a skater, Megan is studying English, Sociology of Fashion, and Dance. She has been touring the world as a solo and pairs performer for eight years in shows such as Ice Age and Disney on Ice. This year, she is joining Holiday on Ice to take part in the new show, Time. Megan is one of the youngest recruits to the company and is highly appreciated for her spectacular, rhythmical performances.


Stanislav Vederskyi (UKR)

Pair skater Viktoria Maksiuta

Stanislav Vederskyi discovered his passion for figure skating at a very early age when he put on his first skates at the age of four. He perfectly mastered the art of pair skating and, with his wife Viktoria Maksiuta, he became a star in ice shows around the world. Famous for his daring and acrobatics, he joined the Holiday on Ice team in 2011.

Viktoria Maksiuta (UKR)

Pair skater with Stanislav Vederskyi

Viktoria skated on ice for the first time at the age of three and a half. She swiftly left for Russia to take part in numerous competitions. She won world titles that confirmed her talent as a solo artist and a pair skater. In 2003, she focused on ice shows and took part in famous productions such as Disney on Ice and Illusion on Ice.

Mauro Bruni (USA)

Solo skater

Mauro Bruni took to the ice for the first time at the age of four. He has constantly aspired to absolute precision and has won numerous championships since his teenage years. He took first place in the regional youth competitions in New England, and then took seventh place in the United States junior championships. For Mauro, skating is a totally unique art-form in which he wants to excel. This is why he works on perfecting his triple jumps and saltos every day. With his elegant, precise, efficient style of skating – which seems virtually effortless – Mauro is now captivating the audiences at Holiday on Ice.

Lisa Mochizuki (JAP)

Solo skater

Lisa Mochizuki first donned skates at the age of four. Her ultimate dream has always been to reach the same level as her role model Oksana Bajul, who was world champion in the 1990s. She took part in numerous competitions such as the ISU Grand Prix, after which her passion was kindled for ice shows and she joined Robin Cousins’ Ice and Hot Ice. She skated in Holiday on Ice for the first time in 2011 and delighted the audience in the show Speed, and then Passion in 2014. This young woman continues to astonish audiences with her artistic quality and her graceful allure.