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Holiday on Ice is inviting professional skaters to join one of the most visited and successful live entertainment ice shows in the world! From its start, Holiday on Ice has expanded by performing shows all over the globe, sometimes with more than six productions touring simultaneously on five different continents.

We are currently looking for skilled skating talent to join one of our two new touring productions commencing during the fall of 2017.

Holiday on Ice currently has openings for the following positions:

- Ensemble skaters (male/ female)
- Principal soloist skaters (male/ female)
- Principal Adagio pair teams
- Acts

In order to qualify for our consideration, you must be a trained figure skater, at least 18 years old and have a natural enthusiasm strong enough to enchant an entire stadium! Your acting skills, personality and ability to work in a team is an important value for being a part of the Holiday on Ice company. Candidates are invited to send their portfolio including a resume, pictures and a recent video to our casting director, preferably before the end of July 2017. You can send your portfolio through:

Holiday on Ice Productions
To the attention of Ms. Nikki Davison
Marktplein 108
2132 DD Hoofddorp
The Netherlands


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